Sunday, April 5, 2009

Great Riding Weekend

Saturday was a horrible day but I did have a lesson at 8:30 in the morning. I was pleased with my girl we worked very hard and we are now bending better to the right. Thank goodness I didn't have to ride outside; that wind was brutal.

Sunday was just a great day. I rode "Tobe" in the morning and we worked on steering and halts, he did well considering he has not been worked in a while. Later after going to the Horse Park to see the carraige driving stuff I came back and saddled up "Lat" and K saddled up "Villa" and we went to the nurseries for about an Hour and a half. We trotted hills and many more areas, they both did very well. It seems that "Lat" just loves going out across country. She actually JUMPED a tiny stream with me, that was a first.

I hope that next weekend we will show at Handy Acres and the 11th at The Meadows for the dressage show. The rest of this week we will practice, practice, practice.

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