Sunday, March 29, 2009

To Ride at Last!

Well this last week has been busy helping to take care of my daughter, her husband and the new baby. This 7lbs 9 oz. wonder was born Friday, 3.20.09 @ 11:08 p.m. I really have enjoyed spending time with the family but I have not been able to ride. I have been given this weekend off and was lucky enough to be able to ride "Lat" on Sat.

I just love my girl (Lat), she was so good for not having been ridden for a week. We really only had time for a warm up, but it was really great to be on her back :) We did do a little cantering and she is definitely improving, at least in the left lead.

Today before I go back to baby duty, Lat and I will have some time together. We will do a nice long warm up, walk trot transitions, and some cantering. I will be back Wednesday and as long as the weather holds out we can really start working then.

My coach will be back from Florida soon and hopefully I can set something up with J. She is always so helpful. When I ride under her guidance, I am continually surprised at what Lat and I do. In just minutes J helps me to get Lat to do things I have not even thought about. My short coming is trying to remember how I accomplished the movement and taking the time to practice what I have learned.

If the rain hold out today I will be able to have a great ride and maybe we can take a nice hack around the neighborhood after we practice.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is Here!

We may get a few more cold days but spring is definitely here. For the last week and a half Lat and I have been working hard. It was raining today so I could not ride. I hope to ride tomorrow but I am on baby watch. My youngest daughter is having her 1st baby and this baby is going to be big. Sooooo. . . tomorrow I may be a grandmother, Oh yea!

Lat and I have been doing walk to trot and trot to halt transitions. We have been working on our canter and I believe making progress. It seems to take a while to retrain her mind that it is ok to canter and she does not have to come back to a trot. Her speed is fine but her balance is still to be established, we will get there.

We are going to be doing some work with the cavaletti and hope to be ready to show on March 29th. I may miss riding her all next week because I will be with my daughter and she lives about an hour plus away so there is no way that I can ride. Oh well! More about training Lat later. I can't wait for the baby.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chiropractors-Do you believe?

Just the other day an owner of 2 of the horses I currently have staying with me pulled in to say Hello to his mares and along with him was his Chiropractor. Horse number one is pulled from the stall and the Doctor started to work. I watch in total curiousity because I had never seen this before.

He worked on her back, legs and head. I was amazed I watched the mare cringe and then totally relax. It was really special being able to watch. He then pulled the other horse from her stall and went over her. When both mares were put into their stalls they were very relaxed.

Well after watching I couldn't resist, I said "Do you have time to do just one more?" "Yes" Scott the Chiropractor says. I rush into Miss Lat's stall and quickly pull her into the shed row to have her first session with the doctor.

The first thing that surprised him was her size. While working on the other mares the Doctor would stand on a bag of shavings in order to get over the spinal column and pelvis and to be able to make the necessary adjustment. Well, we had to find a taller stool to stand on to adjust "Lats"spine. He made the appropriate adjustments, I actually felt her spinal column move into place. The best part of the whole session was what I learned about stretching her out each day and keeping her more limber.

I did take her for a ride later that afternoon and I must admit she was more relaxed and really stepping under herself, it was much easier to warm up and get her rounded.

I guess seeing is believing!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow, Snow go away

I knew that winter was not ready to end. We were very fortunate that we did have a great February break. The last two weeks we have had some great days. I did have some time to take advantage of the spring like days. Lat and I did get some work done but it is difficult now to work with any consistency. Oh well, the next thing you know I will be complaining about the mud, then the heat of summer.

We are still working on everything; rounding, cantering, backing and of course lateral work. The weather people are forcasting that we will begin to warm up over the weekend. I suppose it is time for me to complete my plan so that we may pursue our goals. We will be going back to basics as we always do, and doing some lungeing.

Spring will be here soon!