Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is Here!

We may get a few more cold days but spring is definitely here. For the last week and a half Lat and I have been working hard. It was raining today so I could not ride. I hope to ride tomorrow but I am on baby watch. My youngest daughter is having her 1st baby and this baby is going to be big. Sooooo. . . tomorrow I may be a grandmother, Oh yea!

Lat and I have been doing walk to trot and trot to halt transitions. We have been working on our canter and I believe making progress. It seems to take a while to retrain her mind that it is ok to canter and she does not have to come back to a trot. Her speed is fine but her balance is still to be established, we will get there.

We are going to be doing some work with the cavaletti and hope to be ready to show on March 29th. I may miss riding her all next week because I will be with my daughter and she lives about an hour plus away so there is no way that I can ride. Oh well! More about training Lat later. I can't wait for the baby.

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