Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh...A real dressage horse!

My girl and I had a lesson saturday with my coach. Let me tell you my girl was fantastic. My coach said to me "You have her really rounded now, that opens a whole new world of what we need to accomplish."

We worked alot on transistions, bending, and a little on the canter. I was very pleased but disappointed that I did not have my video camera. I find it difficult to remember all the things I am told during an hour lesson. I feel if I video tape the lesson I can go back and review and see what she is doing and what my coach told me to correct.

On a whole I am sooooo happy with my girl, she is coming along very, very well :) My sister was up from Florida and watched the lesson and was amazed at how Lat looked. She did say that "She looks like a real dressage horse." Sunday we will show at a hunter show, let's see if I can keep her in frame.

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