Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away - Come again some other day!

Ms. Lat finally was ridden this week. I only rode last week on Wednesday then the rain came back. This week I had two opportunities to ride but my friend's mother died and I had to spend time with her. Hopefully I will be able to ride tomorrow.

This past tuesday when I did ride, Ms. Lat was wonderful especially after not being ridden for a week. We did leg yields and lots of transitions and she was just great. I did not show last weekend and I am not showing this weekend, so that gives us some time to try new things. We will practice cantering and maybe we will try jumping. I have not jumped a horse in 30 years it should be interesting. Anyone that has some advice on how to start her over fences would be appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe it's crazy for me to say this, but you can send your rain-rain to us here in the Swamplands. Currently we've got a sprinkle of rain, but we haven't had signficant waterfallage in nigh-on a month! The Swamps are getting crunchy! Ooooh noooes!

    I'm so glad Ms Lat was a good girl. Good luck with the jumping (I'm a "why jump when you can go around?" rider my ownself!)