Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Lesson of all Lessons!

Oh wow I was so happy that I was taking a lesson last friday, but little did I know how much I would have to work. Ms. J who is my coach decided that she wanted to see Ms. Lat's canter, so I said "No problem going to the right-the left transition is great however the right lead going to the left is a problem." (Why did I say that?)

Our lesson focused around the right lead. No matter what, we are going to get Ms. Lat into the right lead. I thought that I was going to die, Ms. Lat was a nice crazy and several bucks, but I did stay on and we did accomplish our goal. We will continue working at this but J feels that Ms. Lat is confused and does not quite understand how to move in the right lead. I have not tried any cantering this week yet but we will, maybe tonight.

I find that it is easier if I have another set of eyes so that when we are correct I can concentrate on going and not worrying about the correct or incorrect lead. I am sure that we will solve this lead thing soon.

The schooling show that I went to earlier this past week had a W/T/C class. This class was setup for horses that are just beginning to canter because you are able to canter, one horse at a time on the rail, so I decided why not. When our turn came around Ms. Lat transitioned into the canter perfectly but (I suppose it is weakness) about half way through we had to buck and then a break but we just started again and cantered around the indoor one whole lap. We did get a 5th out of 6th but that is great for her first time. After all schooling shows are for schooling not for the ribbons.

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  1. Good for you to try the WTC class! :) Dreamy often bucked in the middle of her canter as well. It was a way for her to go from a cross canter to a "normal" canter, almost like she had to get her back legs figured out! LOL! :) Keep working....Lat will get it!