Sunday, August 2, 2009

What about those people that don't move up?

Well I guess I should not have asked that question because when I showed on Saturday, the comment at the bottom of the test was you should move up to Training. My problem however is we do not have a right lead yet, but we are working on it.

I was really proud of my girl this past week, on Tuesday she got a 2ND, 2-3Rd's and a 4Th. On Saturday she had 2 63.5 in intro A & B and won both classes and on Sunday we came home with two 2Nd's and a 5Th. Fortunately we have the next two weekends off and will be doing some lessons and practicing our canter.

In the last month my girl started to jump and is doing well but I think we will back off of that for a while until be get the canter. The right lead is coming but it may take us a few trys, we will get it. Wish us luck.


  1. I don't need to wish you LUCK, I will just wish you FUN. Such a beautiful mare, and I think the comment at the bottom of the test was intended as a compliment! >g<

  2. My standie gelding is working on his right lead too...that seems to be a trend with them, maybe because they all race to the left? Great job at the show thought! I agree with AareneX, I would take your comment as a compliment too! Keep up the good work with such a beautiful mare!

  3. Your horse is beautiful - good luck with the cantering!

  4. You will get that lead eventually. :) Lat is such a good mare! Heck I started doing Training 1 last year despite the fact that we had been cantering for only 6 weeks! LOL! I had won everything in the local dressage association the year before at Intro and it seemed silly to stay at Intro again. I was a nervous wreck, but it all came together. This year doing T2 and T4 we STILL do not have a consistent canter all the time, but we are working hard! :) See you in a few weeks at ReRun, BTOB, and Nationals! :)