Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ms. Lat is a "Beauty Queen", what a GOOD Girl!

Tuesday night Ms. Lat and I went to the little schooling show not far from our farm. Monday night I was on the farm all by myself and I decided that if I was showing Tuesday night perhaps I should have "My girl" go over some rails and perhaps a cross rail or two. I placed all of the rails (5) that I have on the back of the pickup and some small barrels to use as standards, and setup the rails and cross rail. I then went to tack up Ms. Lat, after some warm up around the track with some leg yields, serpentine and transitions, we then went to the ring.

We approached the 3 rails set as a cavaletti and in "Lat's" mind I was asking her to step into a big hole but I have found that if we do not want to go over the rails we can walk in between them. That did the trick and the "Big Girl" then walk right over and we approached the cross rails but she decided that those rails were far to scary and she was not getting within 4 feet. Knowing that turning away was not an option I decided that I would get off and we would go over the rails with mom leading her. Hurray for Lat, it worked.

Tuesday night, we headed off to the show. I decided to show in three classes, a walk/trot, cross rails, and a walk/trot and canter individually. My girl was a sweetheart, right over the cross rails and just a very good canter. We ended up doing another class, a hunter hack and "The Big Girl" came through again.

We pinned in each class, 2ND, 2-3Rd's and a 4Th out of about 8-12 in each class. I am just beside myself with her willingness to try and to do so well, she is just the best mare.

We are off to do dressage this weekend. I hope we are as lucky. Everyone should have a Standardbred! A wonderfully versatile breed!


  1. hooray for you! hooray for Ms Lat! hooray hooray for standardbreds!

  2. She's a beautiful girl. So happy to hear you did well at the show, and good luck at the dressage show.